If you looking for the best netball drills and skills you have come to the right place! We love teaching, coaching and playing netball. We have many drills from beginner to advanced. Our website is updated often so make sure you come back often to get the most out of your netball training.

All these drills are created to be fun. Remember when coaching any sport you need to make sure the players are learning and having fun with the drills they perform. If players enjoy what they are doing they will get perform a lot better during practice and games. Some of the best players who took netball up as a child kept playing because it was a fun sport to play.

Netball is a VERY fast paced game and requires great speed and skill. It is important to get fundamentals right from when you first start playing netball. We are very focused on making sure we have the best quality articles on netball fundamentals to make sure you and your team are performing the correct way to perform certain skills.

Follow the information in the above netball drills and you will see great improvements in you skill. If you have any drills that work well for you and would like to add them to this site leave a comment

The best netball drills online


Basic shooting technique: Pro Tip! – You don’t have to shoot immediately. Always take a moment to compose yourself before attempting any shot. It’s always good to remember where you shooting partner as they maybe in a better position to…
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